Network Monitoring and Controlling System - Miniproject - Computer Science & Engineering - Java

Computer Science & Engineering - Miniproject 
Networking Monitoring and Controlling System
Java - NetBeans 


Network Monitoring and Controlling Software are exclusively designed for monitoring and controlling systems/users present in a Local Area Network of an organization. NMCS is a client server based system and utilizes the possibilities of Remote Method Invocation (RMI). NMCS is designed in such a way that the administrator can monitor  and control  the systems present in the network. There are two levels of privileges viz. administrator and user.. In the proposed system each user is provided with a unique Id and password. The system maintains a database of this information’s. The user can change their password, if required.
The PC Controlling module displays the remote PC's desktop on the screen of your local PC just like a surveillance camera. The remote connection could be established on LAN. In this module the administrator can view all the PC’s in his Office with details of the user logged in. The administrator and users/staffs can chat or send private messages to a particular staff. Similarly an user can send messages to another user with the administrators permission Remote Power Management allows you to ON, shutdown and restart remote computers. Administrator can send a common message like meeting or asking to logoff the system for some particular reason, something like that to all Online Users or Administrator can select particular users and send the common message to them.


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