Projects & Seminars

Mini Projects

1. Student Management System Using SMS

2. Content Management System 

3. Network Monitoring & Controlling System

4. Electronic Tendering ( E-Tendering ) 

5. SANA ( Security Analysis In Internet Traffic Through Artificial Immune Systems )

6. Java Mail Server

7. Port Scanner

8. LAN Voice Chat With File Transfer


 Main Projects

 1. Router Congestion & Delay Management

 2. Content Management System

 3. Java Mail Server

 4. Compressing Access Control Lists

 5. Network Forensic Analyser

 6. Generalized Probabilistic Flooding In Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks

 7. Resource Controlled Firewall

 8. Cryptographic Security Enhancement Using Stopping Sets 

 9. An Adaptive Approach To Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithm


 1. Session Management & Vulnerabilities In Today's Web

 2. 4-N Intelligent MANET Routing Algorithm

 3. Modified AES Algorithm for Image Encryption

 4. Efficacy In Parallel Computing Using APU

 5. Mobile Cloud Computing Using HWN and P2P


 7. Webmining

 8. Red Tacton

 9. ZNP ( Z Network Protocol )

 10. Research on Semantic Web Mining

 11. Quantum Cryptography

 12. Comparison Between Cloud Computing And Grid Computing


 14. Mobile Image Recognition, Architecture & Tradeoffs

 15. Virus Signature Detection  Using Blended Program Analysis

 16. Blind Authentication: A Secure Crypto-Biometric Verification Protocol


 18. Virtual Database Technology

 19. An Efficient Iris Authentication Using Chaos Theory- Based Cryptography For E-Commerce Transactions

 20. Design of New Security Algorithm Using Hybrid Cryptography Architecture

 21. Optical Layer Security In Fiber-Optic Networks

 22. Remote Frame Buffer Protocol ( RFP Protocol )

 23. New Method of File Transfer Using P2P Technology

 24. Geographic Information System Using Cloud Computing


 26. Cloud Computing: Load Balancing Technique

 27. A Hybrid Honeyfarm Based Defense Against Internet Worms

 28. Deep Shot

 29. Distributed  Performance  System Using HTML5  and  Rails

 30. Transparent Encryption based on Network File System Filtering Driver

 31. Time-division Secret Key Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networking

 32. Android Porting Concepts


 34. A Comprehensive Approach to Image Spam Detection: From Server to Client Solution

 35. Fingerprint Recognition Based on Cloud Computing Communication

 36. Architecture  Support  For  Dynamic  Integrity Checking

 37. Local Intrusion Detection Security in Manet Network

(Under construction) 


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