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Oracle Financial Services Campus Recruitment - 2012

Aptitude Questions

Written English (2/4) 

This is the Basic level of the Written English assessment. It is composed of 25 questions divided into 4 sections used to evaluate your English language communication skills. You will have 25 minutes to complete this assessment. Please note that once you have completed a question you will NOT be able to return to it in order to make changes. no points will be deducted for wrong answers.

Assessment Breakdown

Sentence Structure5 Minutes10
Grammatical Usage5 Minutes5
Written Expression7 Minutes5
Reading Comprehension8 Minutes5
Total25 Minutes25 Questions

Grammatical Usage Section

It is designed to test your ability to understand the proper usage of basic parts of speech and words used in the English language. You will be presented with 5 questions asking you to either identify a grammatical error or choose the word or phrase that correctly completes a statement. An example of this kind of question is given below. There would be a sentence given with a missing word (blank). You are required to select the right word that completes the sentence. You will have 5 minutes to complete the 5 questions in this section.


The people __________ I met on holiday in France knew my boss.
A) where
B) those
C) whom (correct)
D) what

Question Number 1 

The security men __________ on the road in their uniforms soaked in blood.

a. has laid
b. was lying
c. were lying
d. have led

Question Number 2 

All men __________ equal rights.

a. has
b. have
c. is
d. are

Question Number 3 

He is a friend of __________ toleration.

a. religiously
b. religion
c. religious
d. reignite

Question Number 4

Ten kilometers __________ a long walk.

a. is
b. are
c. had
d. were

Question Number 5

Did Jim go to school __________ yesterday morning?

a. itself
b. herself
c. himself
d. themselves


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