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Oracle Financial Services Campus Recruitment - 2012
Aptitude Questions

Written English (1/4) 

This is the Basic level of the Written English assessment. It is composed of 25 questions divided into 4 sections used to evaluate your English language communication skills. You will have 25 minutes to complete this assessment. Please note that once you have completed a question you will NOT be able to return to it in order to make changes. no points will be deducted for wrong answers. 

Assessment Breakdown

Sentence Structure5 Minutes10
Grammatical Usage5 Minutes5
Written Expression7 Minutes5
Reading Comprehension8 Minutes5
Total25 Minutes25 Questions

Sentence Structure Section
This is the Sentence Structure section. It is designed to test your ability to use proper grammar and form logical ideas in the English language. You will be given a sentence with one or more blanks along with four potential answer options. Based on the context of the sentence, you must identify the best answer  option to fill in the blank. You will have 5 minutes to complete the 10 questions in this section.


Jen needed to ______ one more math class in order to ______ her secondary school degree.

A. took…finish

B. take…complete

C. taked…finished

D. takes…completes

Question Number 1 

After much __________, they decided to hang the picture above the mantelpiece. 

a. deliberation
b. caution
c. forethought
d. procrastination 

Question Number 2 

__________, the summer Olympics will take place in Beijing.

a. On 2008
b. In 2008
c. In 2008, the
d. Within 2008
e. Before 2008

Question Number 3

She opened the box to find a large __________ in the teacup of the china set she had imported.

a. chip
b. sliver
c. flake
d. unblemish

Question Number 4

Ever since Vincent’s sister canceled their dinner plans that he had really been looking forward to, he was feeling very __________.

a. surly
b. benevolent
c. indifferent
d. exuberant

Question Number 5 

The __________of the mink is very valuable.

a. musk
b. hide
c. carcass
d. pelt

Question Number 6 

Sandy had always wanted to work in __________ with a well-known producer.

a. problem
b. partnership
c. affiliation
d. collaboration

Question Number 7

The news of a new job offer was not only __________, but __________ as well.

a. promising…doubtful
b. exciting…relieving
c. mundane…concerning
d. upsetting…unforgettable

Question Number 8 

A cross between a horse and a donkey, mules are not capable of __________.

a. creating
b. procreation
c. production
d. stoutness

Question Number 9 

India has invested more than a billion USD __________ Afghanistan over the last eight years.

a. in the reconstruction of
b. for a reconstructing
c. to reconstruct into
d. in reconstructing to

Question Number 10 

The Greeks wrote plays in three: two __________ with a comedy in between to lighten the mood and prevent the audience from becoming depressed.

a. tragedies
b. misfortunes
c. adversities
d. fortunates


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